What happens in a workshop?

You learn and practice more effective communication skills. You improve your ability to:

  • Listen
  • Express feelings
  • State needs
  • Make committments

First, you focus on the positives; what is already being valued. In the second part of the workshop, you privately explore the changes you desire in your relationship. The emphasis is on being aware of feelings, verbally expressing them and accepting them. You have the opportunity to use your new skills to make changes which will strengthen your marriage. The workshop can be a spiritual experience for couples of all faith backgrounds. During the informal workshop, leaders share about the importance of Christian love and faith in their marriages.

Different Workshop Formats

Marriage Enrichment workshops are offered in several formats to suit your convenience...

Traditional weekend - Starting with a 6pm fellowship dinner Friday evening, running through mid-day Sunday, with periods of group and private sharing, and free time Saturday afternoon.

Mid-week version - of the regular weekend on request.

In church/in home weekends - "sleep at home" at a lower cost.

Other formats - in homes or local churches, on "sleep at home" low cost basis:

  • Friday evening & Saturday
  • Two successive Saturdays
  • Two successive Sundays

Register today - Reserve your place by calling 609-698-7602.